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Casting wax

In addition casting wax in tins is available. Very good modeling features, extremely small shrinkage und tight fitting are the main qualities of both hard and extra hard casting waxes.…
Can be milled with carbid milling machine at a speed of app. 5000 rpm, clean chip formation without daubing, even, sharply contoured surfaces
Berg Dental offers casting wax plates in thicknesses from 0,3mm till 0,7mm. It can be chosen between different plate structures. Depending on the customer preferences fine, medium and coarse stippled…
Wax wire of Berg Dental is free from elastic memory and burns out without leaving residue. There are two different types of hardnesses, each from diameter 2,0 – 5,0 mm.
Wax retention pearls, debubblizer, universal glue, casting funnel, occlusal spray